Kind Words

I gave in and booked a boudoir session after one of my close friends shared her experience. I was very nervous the night before and could barely sleep... I walked in and Emily instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable. The ladies doing professional hair and makeup were beyond amazing and made me feel like a queen. My experience during the shoot was even better. Makala and Emily compliment you the whole way through and do everything they can to boost your confidence and make you feel amazing about yourself. Thank you again to Makala and Emily for going above and beyond for me! This was definitely an experience I won’t forget and something I will be doing again!


After months of tossing around the decision to book a boudoir session I finally did it! I had been struggling with my self love and knew this is what I NEEDED! Fast forward to the morning of my session I walked in pumped but super nervous. Emily welcomed me in and got me a mimosa then next thing I know I’m being pampered and complimented by the make up artist and hair stylist. My nerves were gone, I felt like I was with my friends. Then we start the session and I’m hyped up by Makala and Emily the whole time. After seeing the finished photos let’s just say I have a new found confidence in myself and love my body! This experience was the best and I highly recommended it to anyone who has thought about booking a boudoir session with Makala and Emily


This is something I’ve always been interested in but my self doubt had me telling myself that I needed to be in perfect condition before I did it. Fast forward a few years and I decided to just bite the bullet and schedule the photo shoot. I am SO GLAD that I did! Between having my makeup and hair done, and Makala and Emily hyping me up throughout the shoot, and then looking at my pictures, I left feeling so beautiful and CONFIDENT! I spent the day surrounded by supportive, confident, uplifting women and left feeling like one! This experience was amazing and I definitely think everyone should do it.


My experience with Makala was the absolute best. I nervously walked into a room of unknown people and immediately felt safe. I left feeling loved, beautiful, confident and I now have a new appreciation for myself and my body. It wouldn't have been possible without this experience. I would recommend Makala to anyone, she's amazing at what she does!