Bonus Sets

What Are Bonuses?
Bonuses are for clients who choose to prepay for any of our 3 Bonus Set Tier Collections - either in full before their session or via our popular payment plans.

How it works: If you book a session and pre-pay for one of our collections, you will receive a certain number of bonus options to choose from.

We love when clients pre-purchase a Collection because it helps make the shoot day more stress-free! Pre-purchasing a Collection helps us too because it lets us know what products you are most likely getting and we can shoot accordingly so that you get the best variety of images for your products. It makes the ordering appointment easier and quicker because you already know what you are going to get!

Some of our bonuses are extra "sets" that we don't normally do, such as the angel wings and the shower! Some of our other bonuses are products, such as Polaroid prints or a deck of playing cards!

Some other bonus options include; body chains, neon lights, champagne showers, AND MORE! We offer a HUGE variety of bonuses you can choose from to customize your experience with us.