Do I have to get naked for my session?

Do I have to get naked for my session?
Absolutely not! You do not have to get completely nude for your session if that makes you uncomfortable.

Your photographer should NEVER pressure you to go outside of your comfort zone, and we will always ask you how far you'd like to go in regards to nudity during your shoot. Many people think that a boudoir shoot means you have to go naked - nope! Not true. In fact, we have lots of very conservative clients that don't want to show much skin at all. Their images come out as beautiful and sensual as the client who wants to bare it all.

Nudity does not equal "sexy" or "sexuality," those things are all implied with posing and facial expressions.

The only time we suggest being completely nude is when we do the “in the sheets” part of your shoot! Even then, you will be covered by the sheet and none of our images will ever display your "party part." Bare boobs and bare bum are ok but you will never see anything beyond that. You could wear a thong if that makes you feel more comfortable, but either way, we can show as much or as little as you want by covering up with the sheet or by using your hands.

The only other time you might choose to go nude is if you choose to use the Shower Set as your bonus! In that case, most women who use the Shower Set are completely nude - but again this is a comfort level thing and you can totally do these sets with lingerie, a bathing suit, or a white tank top.

Of course, we do have lots of clients who know they want to go nude and we welcome that as well. Please just keep in mind all of our images are done in a classy and tasteful manner, we love artsy classic nudes.
I am very proud to say that we do have clients who are nervous to go nude but by the time the end of the shoot comes they realize it's not that scary and take the plunge. Our staff is amazing at making our clients feel safe and comfortable!