Don't Go Pinterest Crazy Before Your Shoot!


 ...when you're scrolling through Pinterest and then it just sucks you in. Before you know it you’ve spent two hours creating your dream kitchen in the second home you wish to buy from winning the lottery (guilty!).

Curating some inspiration from Pinterest isn’t a bad thing - just remember that what you see can’t always be replicated. We like to remind people that sure, we can try and re-create that photo but it probably won’t look the same, especially if it’s from another photographer. A lot of things on Pinterest are of professional models and have likely been photoshopped to all hell - and some of the women on there are human pretzels! I don't know about you, but I cannot bend and twist like I see a lot of women doing on there.

When snagging inspiration for your shoot from Pinterest, think about things like hair and makeup looks, outfits you like - instead of getting fixated on poses and props.

If you are interested in replicating a photo that WE have done here at the studio, we can certainly do that for you! Rather than Pinterest, hit up our Instagram feed take a screenshot of all the outfits and poses you like. Show it to us on the day of your shoot! If we created it, we know how to replicate it. Just keep in mind, all bodies are different so you can't expect the exact same result as a different client, but we can make it special for you.

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