Songs We Love to Play During Your Session!

We have spent YEARS creating several playlists for your Boudoir Session, but just like the normal person, we tend to get sick of listening to the same songs over and over again so we are always adding to them or changing things up.

We do have specific playlists for Hair and Makeup, the actual Boudoir Session, and a playlist for your Reveal. We do add songs to these playlists frequently, and other times we listen to a random playlist from Apple Music. Most of the music we play is to help get everyone pumped up and ready to party! We love 90s jams and a lot of today's hits.

The actual Boudoir playlist is a combination of some of Makala's favorite songs along with tons we have gotten from members of our exclusive VIP group on Facebook. About once every month or two we post in the group asking for song recommendations to add to the playlist, if you have requested one in the past and it met our requirements, it's likely on our playlist! These songs are more to get you pumped up, and feeling SEXY. .

Of course, if you have a certain genre of music you really get into we are more than happy to play it! That's actually a question that we ask when you arrive, if you'd like to request a specific style of music for your shoot. We want you to be comfortable and happy first and foremost!

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