Specialty Set: Angel Wings

Our angel wings set is one of our fabulous bonus sets that we offer as a free add-on to your boudoir experience when you set up a pre-session payment plan on one of our collections. They are a gorgeous neutral tan color and they’re BIG! (but not heavy). We had these custom-made for our studio, so they are uniquely ours! 

If you have ever dreamed of being a Victoria's Secret angel, this is your opportunity! 

They strap around your arms for support on the standing poses, and you lay on top of them for the floor poses. They are absolutely stunning and add a unique touch to your session. 

Most of our clients pair lingerie when wearing the wings, while others opt to go nude! Most lingerie pieces will look great with the angel wings, but some colors or textures in lingerie might not pair so well. Don't worry, we are here to help. 

We have a ton of options in our client wardrobe that will flatter both you and the wings. If you choose to bring your own wardrobe, we love to pair the wings with lingerie colors like white, pink, blue, nude, and grey. We tend to avoid harsh neons or patterns, but obviously there's always an exception! 

We will help you pick out a great piece that will compliment the wings perfectly!

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