What Do I Wear to my Boudoir Session??

One of the amazing perks about working with Towner Studios is our incredible client wardrobe.

Our client wardrobe (which is included in your boudoir session experience) contains sizes XS-6X, averaging a total of about 300 total pieces at the studio. We have a variety of styles available like bodysuits, 2 and 3 piece sets, corsets, robes, and bustiers. If you're not sure what some of those things are (I get it, before I was a boudoir photographer I had NO IDEA what a bustier was), Google it! There are so many different styles and cuts of lingerie available out there and we try to showcase items to fit and flatter all body types and accent different styles and personalities. Also in the client wardrobe is a variety of robes and jewelry including necklaces, pearls, and body chains!

We keep our client wardrobe clean and sanitary by requiring all of our clients to wear a sanitary liner underneath all of our items, in addition to laundering or dry cleaning each item between every single use.

Not sure about using the client wardrobe? That's okay! Some clients decide to shop around for lingerie to bring with them on the day of their shoot. Totally fine! If you do purchase or bring your own, we suggest nothing with print or pattern. When it comes to color, simple is best - it is also much more elegant and classy which is something you will appreciate in your photos!

I will say that 90% of the women who do bring their own lingerie still end up wearing pieces from our client wardrobe at the studio!


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